Being an educator means staying on top of the latest resources to develop literacy skills in your students. The Five Minute Literacy Box™ is a tried and tested tool in this regard, and thousands of schools rely on its simple methods to support those learners who struggle the most. Its recent updates to the Resource Book and keywords promise to make literacy teaching even more effective.

The Resource Book now features enhanced lesson plans that align with the expected educational standards, offering step-by-step guidance to implement engaging literacy activities in just five minutes. Moreover, the book integrates multisensory strategies to cater to individual learning styles. The detailed assessments make progress monitoring even easier.

two children smiling, one is holding a new Five Minute Box keyword card

The keyword resources have also been expanded, with handy word families and interactive flashcards and games to make the learning process more engaging. These high frequency words were chosen using the 100 High frequency words, year 1 and 2 (England) word lists plus additional useful words following a similar pattern. We’ve excluded apostrophes for ease.

Overall, the enhancements made to the Five Minute Literacy Box™ Resource Book are designed to make teaching and learning even easier with this intervention. By leveraging these updates, educators can create inclusive literacy experiences that empower students to become confident and proficient readers and writers. It’s an exciting time to be part of the journey towards literacy!

Why not trial the Five Minute Literacy Box™ in your school and see how struggling learners can gain confidence in literacy in just five minutes a day.


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