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Cluster School Sessions Also Offered

  • Awareness of Specific Learning Difficulties and how they impact on learning
  • Ways that help children with Specific Learning Difficulties to learn
  • Why the Five Minute Box and Number Box interventions work to facilitate learning
  • Practical hands-on experience using the resource and teaching strategies with confidence.

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Course Objectives

Download the course objectives here:

Five Minute Box (literacy) Training

Number Box Training

Find out more about Understanding & Supporting Learning training here.  To read more about the trainers click here.


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Email or call 01442 878629 for details.

What The Professionals Say:

Everything was explained very well, and was not too formal

Very informative session, and I’m really looking forward to using the Boxes now!

A helpful, useful presentation and I’m excited about using the Number Box!

Great session. I feel empowered to support more of our learners

This [training] would help all TA’s have more impact on learning

Lovely trainers

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What No Stickers? – 6 Ways to Give Effective Feedback

What No Stickers? – 6 Ways to Give Effective Feedback

We know the importance of self-esteem in learning. We also know that students with specific learning difficulties can have lower self-esteem due to their degree of self-awareness, previous learning experiences, and many other external factors. So, how can we give...

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