Emily Fisk, teacher, Nottingham

I started using the 10 minute box to help a (suspected) dyslexic child in Y4 learn the digraphs necessary to become a fluent reader. Although he had been taught these digraphs at school in YR/1, he had not mastered them, as the speed and style of teaching did not meet his needs. He is now making great progress and really enjoys the predictable nature of the techniques and teaching involved in the 10 minute box’s delivery. I would highly recommend it! The increase in his self-confidence is a joy to see!

I think this resource fills a gap in the market as it systematically teaches digraphs to those children who, for whatever reason, have not mastered them through whole class teaching. I also like the fact that it’s a multi-sensory approach that enables real mastery for those children, who for whatever reason, have slipped through the gaps.

Thank you Five Minute Box 😊

Iain Tolmie, Assistant Head/ Inclusion Lead, Shelf Primary School

“We have been using the Ten Minute Box for 3 months in years 3 and 4 with children who were identified as needing further support with phonics. It has already had a positive impact for these children and we plan to use the box with year 2 pupils too. The children have made notable improvements in their confidence with reading and willingness to ‘have a go’ in class. The experienced TA working with them enjoys sessions with the Ten Minute Box and so do the children. It does take just ten minutes, the planning is clear and there is no preparation needed. The activities are easy to use and flexible to adapt to children’s needs. For pupils that need support in addition to high quality teaching in whole class and group contexts, the Ten Minute Box fills the gap for individualised support for those who need it most. Having regular, targeted one-to-one support with the Ten Minute Box has made a big difference to these children.”

Danielle Browne, SENCO, Holt Farm Infant School
Five Minute Literacy Box

“We have had this resource in school for some time, but have recently rediscovered how good it really is. In these current times of stretched time and budgets, it is great to use something that is quick and low-cost but high-impact. We have trained up new staff in how to use it and it really is a little gem! It’s easy to use, the kids love the little suitcase and familiar structure, and it is a great intervention to support sound acquisition, blending/segmenting and also reading/writing Common Exception Words through distributed practice. I thoroughly recommend it!

Thank you 🙂”

Joanne Kennedy, SEND Specialist Support Services Associate Teacher Together for Children, Sunderland

“We have used The Number Box for a number of years; it is a great resource to support children with Maths and also supports teachers to recommend next steps with the areas where children are having difficulties.”

Theresa Lewis,  Advanced Skills Assistant, Marjorie McClure School

“The Five Minute Literacy Box is a great fun learning activity. We have been using the Box for many years in our school, we have found it very practical and easy to use. The instruction book is simple to follow and comes with progress recording sheets. All students enjoy the activity and love the small box full of magnetic letters. When used on a regular basis the progress is easy to see.”

P2 learner, East Ayrshire

“I like when it’s my turn to go with the Number Box, it helps me with counting and knowing my numbers”

Classroom Assistant, East Ayrshire

“In the short amount of time they have been using it, I can definitely see progress”

Gerard Curley, Neilston & Madras Learning Campus

“All the children using the Five Minute Literacy Box this school session have made significant progress. Prior to the intervention spelling and reading ability for these learners were concerning. The majority 95% of learners have improved by a year or more.”

Jill Reeve, Specialist Teaching Team, Lincolnshire County Council

“I have used these kits in several of my schools as a SENCO over the last 15 years. I now recommend them to schools as part of my advisory work for the Specialist Teaching Team at Lincolnshire County Council. The children love the novelty of the box and feel it is their personal learning toolbox. The TAs guard the resources fiercely, so there is no hunting around for lost bits and pieces! One kit can be used for as many children as needed, so it proves to be  very cost effective. The TAs are pleased to have an intervention that does not waste time having to make word cards etc. They also really like the fact it is easily portable from class to class on the move.”

Caroline Cockeram (via email)

I would like to share the profound effect the box has had on one student.

This little girl had failed her Year 1 phonics screening in and was finding school very challenging in all areas. After a very slow start using the Five Minute Literacy Box she gradually began to pick up. (I had to convince her class teacher to hold the faith and explained that my experience with my own dyslexic children was that consistency was key and that we needed to give her time) Gradually each board was completed a little more quickly and I actually think that mastering the months, days of the week and her address and phone number gave her the biggest boost in the early days. She was so proud of herself.

As the year progressed she completed the Five Minute Literacy Box and is now reading age appropriate books with a good degree of fluency and with super comprehension. She no longer lingers at the door on a morning looking sad and she skips over to see me when I arrive in her class to carry out the intervention. Her success has given her a renewed enthusiasm in all curriculum areas. it is a real success story. And yes, she passed the phonics screening with flying colours this year! But far more important to me is the smile that greets me each day. So a big thank you! P.S. we have recently started the Five Minute Literacy Box 2 with her too and she is now whizzing along as all the foundations are firmly in place from Box 1.

Nottinghamshire County Council

The Five Minute Box was trialed as part of a Wave 3 initiative in Nottinghamshire. It is now recommended by Nottinghamshire Local Authority Inclusion Support Service for use in schools. The feedback from schools has been very positive and the children enjoy working with the box.”

Kerem School, London

” …how useful I find the Five Minute Box…everything that is required is in the box. Teachers as you know are always in a hurry, and always have more to do than the allotted time allows, so having everything in one place saves time…attractive and colourful…feels like a fun activity…Most importantly the children I work with enjoy the sessions…[and they]…have made really noticeable progress.”
Evelyn Hornig SENCO

St Peter’s C. of E. (Aided) Primary School, Farnham

“…You have really captured our imagination and we are all filled with great enthusiasm for the Five Minute Box…being used with great effect!”
Judith Doyle

Christ Church C of E JMI and Nursery School, Barnet

“…how delighted we are with our Five Minute Box…it has been a great success…well worth the money. The children themselves love the Box too. It looks professional and business like.”
Jane Elms SENCO

Learning Support Assistant

“The Five Minute Box is a superb tool in alerting staff to potential problems in a child´s learning. This is so important as undetected difficulties can affect a child´s whole passage through school. The children look forward to using the Box as they are all able to achieve, thus boosting their self-esteem”

Educational Psychologist

“One major feature of the Five Minute Box is that it was created within schools and empowers school staff. It is an easy to use package that provides an active learning experience for the children, yet provides detailed information for Stage 3 professionals in determining the need for individual intervention where necessary. Empirical evidence is showing excellent results where the Five Minute Box is being employed.”

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