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A NEW targeted multisensory phonics intervention for teaching digraphs to all learners from Primary to Secondary school, working alongside any phonics scheme in use within schools. The Ten Minute Box™ follows the principles set out in the Five Minute Literacy Box™. Everything is in the Box: detailed instructions, assessments, lesson plan, fun activities, games and resources to teach more complex phoneme sequences. No learner is left behind with this systematic, individualised learning package, including those with Dyslexia and neurodiverse children. To Pay by invoice select BACS transfer at checkout.

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  • Ten Minute Box™ is a targeted multisensory phonics intervention to teach digraphs.
  • The best-practice teaching principles follow on from the popular Five Minute Literacy Box™ so the learners can master the next stage of phonics.
  • The Ten Minute Box™ teaches 50 blends and digraphs through fun multisensory phonics games. As a result, anyone can master the skills.
  • Works alongside any phonics scheme in use within schools to support learners in individual sessions.
  • Everything is in the Ten Minute Box™ so staff do not waste time preparing or planning.
  • Detailed background, lesson plan and assessments are all in the Instruction Manual.
  • Activities and all the required resources are included in every Ten Minute Box™.
  • Progress is easy to track because record sheets, initial and summative assessments are all included.
  • Lessons are short and focused (approximately 10 minutes).
  • Learning can happen at an individual’s own pace, therefore all students can feel a sense of progress.
  • Teaching approaches are founded on both research and teaching experience and can be taught by non-specialist teachers using the ‘Hear it, See it, Say it, Write it, Read it’ loop.

Who is the Ten Minute Box™ suitable for?

  • Ten Minute Box™ is adaptable and flexible, so it is ideal for learners with Dyslexia or neurodiverse people.
  • Learners with English as an additional language (EAL) will benefit from the repetition of the phonic blends in words and sentences.
  • The contents are designed to suit learners from Primary Year 2 through to Secondary school age.

Can I try before I buy?

  • Free trial is available for any educational establishment. Individual customers such as parents or tutors may purchase with a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied.

What do professionals say about the Ten Minute Box™?

Read the review in Teach Primary Magazine here.

Look out for our product review in Nasen Connect January 2023.

“We have been using the Ten Minute Box™ for 3 months in years 3 and 4 with children who were identified as needing further support with phonics. It has already had a positive impact for these children and we plan to use the box with year 2 pupils too. The children have made notable improvements in their confidence with reading and willingness to ‘have a go’ in class. The experienced TA working with them enjoys sessions with the Ten Minute Box™ and so do the children. It does take just ten minutes, the planning is clear and there is no preparation needed. The activities are easy to use and flexible to adapt to children’s needs. For pupils that need support in addition to high quality teaching in whole class and group contexts, the Ten Minute Box™ fills the gap for individualised support for those who need it most. Having regular, targeted one-to-one support with the Ten Minute Box™ has made a big difference to these children.” Iain Tolmie, Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Lead

What training is available for the Ten Minute Box™ ?

  • Training is available with Understanding & Supporting Learning. There are training packages to suit all requirements, find out more here.
  • Discounts are offered on resources purchased with training sessions.


  • Lesson Plan
  • Instruction Manual
  • Activities Book
  • Sentence List and Sentence Isolator
  • Record of Achievement and Record of Work bundles
  • 9 Digraph Panels
  • 9 sets Digraph Cards
  • A5 Whiteboard, 2 coloured pens and eraser cloth
  • Blank game board
  • Beginning, Middle and End flags
  • Beginning, Middle and End board
  • 2 Shoelaces, round and long beads
  • Timer
  • Six-sided die and 4 coloured cubes
  • Treasury tags
  • A handy, brightly-coloured case to organise and keep your Ten Minute Box™ contents safe and easy to find.


Q: How do we use the assessment to decide where to start? Is it based on reading or writing, or 5 mistakes overall?

A: Assess one of the coloured sections of digraphs at a time. You will need to do both the reading and writing of that section. Discretion should be used, if the pupil is disaffected and feels overwhelmed and is making lots of errors, then stick to stopping after 5 errors and teach to those.

Q: If we stop the assessment after 5 mistakes, and then teach those sections, should we return to the assessment to identify the next 5 mistakes?

A: Yes, little and often is best, making sure knowledge is solid before moving on to the next set of digraphs.

Q: If a child can read a digraph, but cannot spell with it, should we teach that as 2 sessions or just 1? Is this up to the adult to decide?

A: We suggest one, but it is up to the adult who will know the child’s confidence level  and detect if the digraph is consolidated in both reading and writing.

Q: How do we know which digraph to start working on?

A: To build confidence, start with the last digraph in the structured sequence that they DO know and work from there on the ones they haven’t grasped. Liaison with the teacher is recommended so it may be that they know which digraph that he/she is struggling with.

Q: Does this intervention include the teaching of irregular words?

A: There are guidelines for teaching irregular words with digraphs (page 16, Instruction Manual) and the words themselves are included in the Word List Book alongside the appropriate digraph as you progress through. You can use these in the games in the Activities Book.

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