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A NEW targeted multisensory phonics intervention for teaching digraphs to all learners from Primary to Secondary school, working alongside any phonics scheme in use within schools. The Ten Minute Box follows the principles set out in the Five Minute Literacy Box. Everything is in the Box: detailed instructions, assessments, lesson plan, fun activities, games and resources to teach more complex phoneme sequences. No learner is left behind with this systematic, individualised learning package, including those with Dyslexia and neurodiversity.



  • A new targeted multisensory phonics intervention for learners from Primary through to Secondary stage.
  • The Ten Minute Box teaches 50 blends and digraphs through fun multisensory phonics games so anyone can master the skills.
  • It works alongside any phonics scheme in use within schools.
  • Everything is in the Box: information and resources for each lesson so staff do not waste time preparing or planning.
  • Progress is easy to track because record sheets, initial and summative assessments are all included.
  • Lessons are short and focused (approximately 10 minutes).
  • Learning can happen at an individual’s own pace, therefore all students can feel a sense of progress.
  • Teaching approaches are founded on both research and teaching experience and can be taught by non-specialist teachers using the ‘Hear it, See it, Say it, Write it, Read it’ loop.
  • Ten Minute Box is adaptable and flexible, so it is ideal for learners with Dyslexia or neurodiversity.
  • The best-practice teaching principles follow on from the popular Five Minute Literacy Box so the learners can master the next stage of phonics.
  • Free trial available and discount on resources purchased with training sessions.
  • Training available with Understanding & Supporting Learning. Find out more here.

Ten Minute Box Contents:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Activities Book
  • Sentence List and Sentence Isolator
  • Record of Achievement and Record of Work bundles
  • 9 Digraph Panels
  • 9 sets Digraph Cards
  • A5 Whiteboard, 2 coloured pens and eraser cloth
  • Blank game board
  • Beginning, Middle and End flags
  • Beginning, Middle and End sound board
  • 2 Shoelaces, round and long beads
  • Timer
  • Six-sided die and 4 coloured cubes
  • Treasury tags

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