NASEN tests the Ten Minute Box™

What is the Ten Minute Box™?

The Ten Minute Box™ is a new targeted multisensory phonics intervention for learners from Primary through to Secondary stage. The Ten Minute Box™ teaches 50 blends and digraphs through fun multisensory phonics games so anyone can master the skills. It works alongside any phonics scheme in use within schools. Designed by experts in Dyslexia, Julia Rowlandson and Rachel Ingham, the intervention incorporates best practice teaching methods in a structured programme with all the accompanying resource materials to save teachers’ precious time preparing sessions.

Independent product trial

We were pleased that the National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasen) – a charitable membership organisation – asked to carry out a product trial of the Ten Minute Box™, using one of their member schools, Micklefield School, an independent school for 3 -11 year olds in Reigate. The after-effects of covid still affecting both staff and pupil absence at that time, we were all concerned that this would affect the school’s ability to use the Ten Minute Box™ consistently. However, they came through. Targeting a smaller group than planned, Micklefield’s very experienced SENCO and Specialist teacher, Karen Earl, selected two pupils who would benefit most from the intervention and worked with them regularly over four weeks.

Product Trial Outcome

Karen writes:  The children that used the box enjoyed doing so, particularly as the activities were time limited and the routine meant that they always knew what was coming next and so were prepared. I used the Ten Minute Boxwith two pupils. After four weeks one of them knew 70% of the digraphs that were unknown before using the resource, and the other pupil knew 50%. In addition to this, both pupils began to see patterns between words and were able to think ore creatively regarding how to remember certain patterns. Moving forward, I will continue to use the Ten Minute Boxbecause as well as being effective, the short amount of time required means that it is an effective intervention to use with a number of children.

Read the full article on page 48 of this issue of nasen Connect here.


We know that every school has different needs. That is why we offer a FREE TRIAL of all our interventions. That way, schools can see for themselves how effective Five Minute Box™ interventions truly are. Email and request a trial for your school today. See the results – keep the Box.



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