Five Minute Box are proud to sponsor the SENsible SENCO website.

SENsible SENCO logo Earlier this year we joined other collaborators to support the SENsible SENCO Community Interest Company.

What, or who, is SENsible SENCO? Abigail Hawkins is an educator with many hats, including ex-SENCO. She began this thriving, supportive online community as a way to give SENCOs the support she wished she’d had in the role. As Abigail says, the SENsible SENCO community aims to offer ‘a lovely warm hug for SENCOs’ as they navigate the challenging, often lonely task of inclusion, or SENCOing (her word!).

Much of SENsible SENCO‘s support is completely free, and proves valuable help to SENCOs around the country. There is also a considerately graded membership which gives you access to further content and resources.

The SENsible SENCO Facebook group has 12,100 members (at the time of writing) and buzzes daily with practical peer support. Many members are new to the role, so the Facebook group is a great place to ask questions or just to be heard. At Five Minute Box we can see the great need for SENCOs to have access to this community, so we wanted to help them continue to develop their offer.

There is a range of completely FREE resources developed around SEN and the needs for SENCOs within schools.  These resources are a collection that are shared by SENCOs, and uploaded to the SENsible SENCO website. There is also a really helpful Youtube channel full of content, reviews, advice, and support for all things SENCO.

As of April 2022 SENsible SENCO became a Community Interest Company, meaning they are approved as providing services to help the community.

Learn more by visiting the SENsible SENCo website and see what it has to offer you as a SENCO.

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