Jane is happy to offer training sessions for Teaching Assistants, teachers and parents,to schools that have purchased Boxes. Training can be organised for any number up to 20, and can be shared with cluster schools. The lively, enjoyable and practical sessions last for around two hours and cover:

1. Information on:

  • the need for a combination of phonics, generalised spelling patterns, keywords and handwriting to ensure good literacy skills
  • the need for early recognition and acknowledgement of Specific Learning Difficulties
  • the importance of sensitive and positive teaching to ensure that self esteem is maintained
  • an alternative way of providing a few minutes of multi-sensory teaching on a daily basis
  • the philosophy behind a worksheet free programme
  • the need for a programme which can run alongside the class phonics teaching

2. Hands on experience with either the Five Minute Box, the Number Box, Box 2 or all three Boxes.

  • Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual school – details are discussed with the SENCO or Head prior to the visit.
  • Sufficient Boxes are brought to the sessions for the TAs to have hands on experience working in pairs.
  • Following the training Jane usually stays to meet with school teaching staff at the end of the school day to give a brief resumé of the TAs training, and to allow them time to ask questions about the introduction and use of the Boxes.


Training is aimed at Teaching Assistants and SENCOs, particularly in mainstream schools, but is equally applicable to Special Schools and Units.

The objectives of the course are:-

  • To look at the need for, and benefits of, early intervention with a Wave 3 personalised teaching programme.
  • To look at the main areas of Specific Learning Difficulties and the early indicators that can be detected when using the Five Minute Box and the Number Box.
  • To discuss methods of promoting and maintaining good self-esteem for struggling learners in a mainstream classroom.
  • To give Teaching Assistants an opportunity to have ‘hands-on’ experience with the Five Minute Box and the Number Box in order to familiarise themselves with the multi-sensory methods advised for both dyslexic children and slower learners.


£250.00 for a two hour plus session

The school will be invoiced following the training. Please contact us directly for further details.  Availability of training sessions is subject to your location.