The Five Minute Literacy Box – Stage Two

How It Works

Box 2 has been developed to build on and continue the established routines, skills and self-help strategies that have made The Five Minute Literacy Box (Box 1) so successful.

All activities are multi-sensory – “hear, see, say, write” for every task, making it ideal for dyslexic children as well as slower learners and second language children.

Box 2 covers the next stage of phonic development – consonant digraphs, triple digraphs, vowel digraphs, generalised spelling patterns, keywords 100 – 300, dictionary skills, auditory discrimination skills and most importantly transferring all the skills into confident writing.

It provides the next stage step-aside spelling programme to ensure that children experience and share success in ‘test’ situations, thereby maintaining self-esteem and a more positive attitude.

Price £79.95 (+VAT & Postage)

Box 2 provides:

  • a follow on to Five Minute Literacy Box when all skills are confident.
  • a second start programme to reading and writing second stage phonics, next level keywords, generalised spelling patterns and dictionary skills
  • an ideal programme for children learning English as an Additional Language
  • takes children to the next level of reading and helps establish confident writing


The Five Minute Box was designed within school settings to fulfill several purposes:

  • To provide an easy to manage teaching system for any child who needed extra time to learn or to consolidate basic skills, managed by a Teaching Assistant for a few minutes a day.
  • To ensure that any child who may turn out to be dyslexic has had multi-sensory teaching since starting school rather than waiting to be diagnosed later and then having to start from the beginning again.
  • To work alongside any phonic reading and spelling scheme already in place in school
  • Most importantly, it is a system that children engage in with the utmost enthusiasm, taking ownership of their learning and progressing from the very first time they open the Box.

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