About The Five Minute Box


About Five Minute Box

The Five Minute Literacy Box and The Five Minute Number Box have been opened by children of all ages since 2003. Since then, the activities and materials have been developed and evolved. When Jane Kendall (BA, Dip RSA SpLD) founded Five Minute Box she realised the effects early failure has on self esteem and the impact that anxiety has on working relationships in families and peer groups.

Jane worked as a Primary School class teacher, Inclusion manager and trainer of Teaching Assistants in the UK. With her training in Specific Learning Difficulties, she observed that many children in each class were struggling with English and Maths early in their education. She found that using structured multisensory programmes of specific games for just a few minutes each day helped children overcome their difficulties. Five Minute Boxes are now used by children all over the world.

Early use of the resources from school entry identifies children with potential specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. Children love taking ownership over their learning using the Boxes. They learn organisational and sequencing skills and help to choose their session goals.

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