Intervention Solution

Use from School Entry Onwards

Proven Results

Multisensory System

Adapts To The Way Children Learn

Literacy and Numeracy

Improves Self-Esteem

Used In Over 5000 Schools

The Wave 2 & 3 Intervention Solution for Literacy and Numeracy

20% of your children are probably struggling with reading and maths. Thousands of schools use The Five Minute Boxes for literacy and maths – because they work!

All You Need is The Box

Pupil premium

The Five Minute Box and The Number Box are proven multi-sensory systems for teaching early literacy and numeracy skills and assessing children for potential learning difficulties.

@fiveminutebox my son has gone from struggling with maths to being described as a competent mathematician thanks to your resource

E.H. via Twitter

Individualised Support

individualised support

Thousands of schools worldwide find Five Minute Box and The Number Box effective intervention solutions from school entry upwards.The tried and tested teaching methods help you provide Personalised Learning and are excellent for children with English as an additional language (EAL). They work alongside any phonics resource already in use. Children, teaching staff, and parents love working with the Five Minute Boxes.

How It Was Developed?

The Five Minute Box programme has been designed by Jane Kendall, a Special Educational Needs literacy consultant, as a teaching system to provide secure basic skills for reading, spelling and writing.

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